Our Specialization

Since its inception, we had a steady growth with the track records and the technical capability to meet the track records and technical capability to meet the diverse requirement and increasing demand of our client. Combined with our strategic alliances with our globally know collaborators, we are in a position to offer the following services to the highest possible industry competence and quality.

  • Provision of professional technical engineering and operational expertise.
    We provide personal to the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore facilities, ranging from fabrication, design, construction, installation, commissioning, production, operations, maintenance and inspection, through to de-commissioning.
  • Quality assurance and source inspection.
    Jakar’s pool of certified inspectors and expeditors carry out third-party quality assurance and quality control assignment, looking into refinery inspection, construction, offshore equipment inspection, turnaround inspection, refractory inspection and source/shop inspection.
  • Project maintenance consultancy and technical advisory support.
    This covers a comprehensive range of consultancy from design, initial formulation of strategy, implementation and control to maintenance and technical support.
  • Geophysical services.
    Our expertise extends to fault seal analysis to establish potential geological and commercial problem, and to production calculation to arm out client with as much information as possible for cost-effective solution. We also call upon specialist software for seismic interpretation in the exploration for oil and natural gas.
  • Miscellaneous technical and management support services.
    Our services are diverse but the quality levels are benchmarked to ensure our clients benefit from one excellent standard.