Jakar Habitat

Pressurized Safety Hot Work Enclosure (PSHE) / Pressurized Welding Enclosure (PWE)

Jakar Machinery Sdn Bhd has been helping clients perform hot work on offshore installations & topside maintenance works. The JAKAR Habitat is made from fire retardant panels that easily fit together to provide a pressurized environment that can prevent the need to shutdown productions. It is a stand-alone system not requiring tie-in to vessel gas detection or control systems. JAKAR Habitat provide a safe and cost effective way to perform hot work (welding, grinding, torch cutting, etc.) within an operating petrochemical facility.

It is flexible to suit all applications, pipe/structural repairs, inspections and intrusive investigations. It is designed to provide a safe module in which hot work can be safely executed while the platform or plant is live and designed in such a way to be sealed around pipe work and equipment. While hot work is in progress, an external fire-watch and a supply air standby man are required.

These personnel should always have contact with the control room by radio. In the event of gas detection all hot work must cease, and operations personnel must focus on carrying out evacuation safely. Special habitat panels have been designed with this feature in mind to provide alternate escape routes.

During hot work in the habitat, the local exterior air supply and the source of ventilation air shall be continuously monitored with portable gas detectors; detection of gas shall result in a total cessation of hot work. High levels of gas detection anywhere on the installation or plant shall result in the manual termination of the hot work.