Our Services

Jakar Habitat
Jakar Habitat is equipment that can help client perform hot work on offshore and onshore installation and topside maintenance.

Machine Shop Operations/Services

  • Machining Works. We can repair or fabricate new any kind of parts such as shaft, sleeve, adaptor, orifice plate, flange, and etc.
  • Fabrication Work. We can modify and fabricate new any kind of things such as tool box, gate post, rack and etc by using any kind of materials either stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminums, etc.
  • On-site Machining. We also provide services on-site machining complete with manpower and equipments.

Technical Manpower Supply
We provide skilled manpower with expertise in Habitat JAKAR assembly, machine shop operation / services, project management and engineering services.

We do trade with the other countries that need our services. We also do trade with foreign countries relating to the sharing of information and technology related to our services.