Jakar Manufacturing

Jakar Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 25th November, 2011 is a Bumiputra (Malaysian) manufacturing for safety equipment (Tarpaulin Pressurized Safety Hotworks Enclosure-Habitat) backed by a team of dedicated local expertise, vast experience and resources and to meet the challenge of the oil and gas industries, today.

Manufacturing Jakar built aims to produce a panel sizes in accordance with habitat creation. In this factory we sew panels habitat according to specific sizes according to the needs of our company to meet customer demand. Stitched panels will be supplied to Jakar Machinery which is also our operating companies to provide services to customers’ habitat. The panel we use is anti-UV, anti-mildew, Fireproof, waterproof, oil resistance, easy to clean, cold crack, long time durability, and high tensile and tearing strength that it can be used to produce our products, Jakar Habitat.

Driven by our vision to be the premier Safety Services vendor in this region, we constantly strive to create new ideas that reduce cost and downtime factors, while giving excellent value for money. Our commitment toward excellence by eliminating defects and optimizing product delivery becomes the catalyst for new ideas and fresh standards. We focus on personalized customer services by constantly sharing product knowledge with our customer and valuing their feedbacks. We believe that the forging of strategic smart partnership creates mutual benefits and together we scale new height. Our supporting personal too constantly strive to achieve our corporate vision together as a great team